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Princess Ada Ogbu
Princess Ada Ogbu

The senatorial ambition of High Princess Ada Ogbu, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Enugu East Zone seems to be resonating with the younger generation as most of them are at home with her candidacy.

Going by the outcome of a poll by a twitter user; Mr Sash Awa, the Nara-born amazon gave the candidates of other parties a bloody nose.

Mr. Sash; a popular social media personality, a budding scholar, a content creator, a writer, a social analyst, a politically aware citizen of Enugu East Senatorial District, conducted the poll for the frontline contenders; Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani Of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP); Princess Ada Ogbu of the APC and Barr. Oyibo Chukwu of the Labour Party.

After the poll, 88 percent of the voters preferred the APC Candidate. Nine percent went for Chimaroke while three percent preferred Oyibo of Labour Party

Sash Awa said the outcome of the poll isn’t far from the reality because “Princess Ada Ogbu has without doubt, changed the political climate of Nkanu Land, Enugu East Senatorial District, and the state of Enugu at large. She is reportedly all over the place talking to the people, enlightening many on the need to vote the right candidate into the Senatorial seat of Enugu East.

“She has dislodged even before the campaigns started, those who have little to nothing to offer the people, her people. To her, Ndi Enugu East are her people, she sees them not as mere voters, instruments of securing political power, etc, but as her people, Ndi Nke Ya. She does all at every slight chance to educate the people on the need not just to vote her, but to vote the right person into the senate.

“I must state at this time that I have scouted the political scenes in Enugu and Nigeria at large, and have settled like all well-meaning Nigerians for certain candidates who I find representing the hope and aspirations of the people. Mr Peter Obi, the Trader-General of Nigeria is the first name on my list, and for the senatorial district where I fall into, Enugu East, Princess Ada Ogbu, the only proven royalty in the race, the only princess and lady in the race to represent the people made it as my one and only choice.

“I thought I was alone on these choices so far shown only to notice that most people I have spoken to also have these two, Mr Peter Obi, and Princess Ada Ogbu. To me, they have a lot in common, but let me leave it for someone else to speak about, or as a matter for another day.”


    • Princess Adaogbu aka The people’s choice
      The only right candidate for Enugu East senatorial zone woman of Quality you have my vote my PVC is ready for you ma

  1. The results is not far from the truth and reality.
    Soonest it will shock everyone, because through her words, people has learnt to look beyond party and vote eligible personality

  2. Ada OGBU is leaving her imprints in the hearts of the people,has great qualities of a leader than the incumbent… Ready to rule and serve the followers…

  3. A Leader per excellence. She is capable, competent and character wise. She’s the only candidate among those on the ballot 4 Enugu East Senatorial District that can deliver on her promises. It is a time 4 real change to happen to us. Sen. Ada Ogbu Nara if elected will certainly turn the district around 4 the common good of Ndi-Enugu East Senatorial Constituency.

  4. Behold a new dawn is about to set in Enugu East senatorial zone one thing I like about Princess Adaogbu is that she is ready to serve the people she is the best qualified candidate for Enugu East so far even chimaroke cannot compete
    If your skin no full
    Comot body for high tension

  5. A rare gem, an iconistic fellow, an intellectual mobile and a provider 4 her people. Capacity and competence personify. Ada Ogbu Nara is the one. Ndi-Enugu East Senatorial District is blessed for having her on the ballot. Let’s vote her 2 change the narratives. Ebeano is a curse. We’re not curse and shall never again allow a curse of bad governance around our Constituency again.

  6. If I no vote for Princess who else I wan vote again nobody is qualified enough for Enugu East except the voice of the people Princess Adaogbu Omo I get wait till I see her In the Red chambers
    Vote Princess Adaogbu
    Enugu East senatorial zone

  7. The voice of the voiceless and the hope of the hopeless, Ada !!! the best among equal the only right candidate for the job. Carry go Nwanyi oma.

  8. Ada Eji Eje Mba!! If I don’t vote for you what will I gain, you represent the views and opinions, aspirations, and desires of your people, and make it even better you are a servant leader.

  9. She’s without doubt the best candidate we have had so far we are voting for here cos she’s credible and capable of taking Enugu East to greater heights

  10. How I wish election is today, Ada Ogbu really deserve my vote, I will continue to pray for her and I know at the end we will give God the glory.


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