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Princess Ada Ogbu
Princess Ada Ogbu

By Janette Ukamaka Oko

Nigerians Decide is an independent research think-tank based in the United States of America.

For months now, Princess Ada Ogbu has been leading the charge in the race to the Senate in Enugu East. According to the poll concluded Monday, Ada Ogbu unsurprisingly won decisively, leading the incumbent, suspended Senator Chimaroke Nnamani by more than twice the vote.

Are you surprised? She is a visible challenger for the Enugu East Senate seat, both on and offline. If you do not know of Ada Ogbu, that’s interesting. If you haven’t felt Ada Ogbu’s presence in Enugu, maybe you only visit on environmental days. With repeated community connections and outreaches, you might even think she is the Senator being challenged.

As a princess all her life, service has never been far from her. As an astute student of political science, and a tenacious businesswoman, she understands the assignment. And clearly Enugu agrees.

However, beyond her physical reach, she has also galvanized an exceptional digital campaign, bringing in anyone not able to meet with her.

She is on the radio every other day, going toe to toe with political heavyweights about what is needed in her constituency, as well as her philosophy about public service, with emphasis on SERVICE. She has consistently displayed introspective and thought provoking multi-channel content, clear evidence of her thought process, and what she is bringing on board when she wins the elections.

Who didn’t win? The Distinguished still surprisingly in office. Chimaroke has been riding on antecedents stretching back to decades prior to this present time, and this ‘campaign’ is no different. With shoddy designs, insults and clapbacks, he is simply a politician past his prime. And maybe past his intellectual capacity, as he no longer knows which party he belongs to.

The Labour Party entrant is a distant third, and may not even make it to third in the actual elections. Are you surprised? There is only one Peter Obi, and the Obidient effect can only do so much to add a little shine to the otherwise lacklustre personality and track record. Someone who goes around markets singing Peter Obi’s praises will also not have anything to offer.

This also reflects the type of voters willing to back the quintessential princess. While the other candidates resort to bullying, suppression and violence, Ada Ogbu has stayed above the fray, speaking to the issues that cut to the root of the plights of her constituency. It is no wonder that she won the majority online as anyone not voting for her may not be cerebral.

As for all the other candidates, well, that’s what consolation prizes are for. Everyone should be commended for standing for public office, it is in the public interest and a civic right. Peter Obi has heralded a new wave of competent candidates, regardless of party. In Enugu East Senatorial Zone, this is the time for Ada Ogbu, and she is here for a good time, and a long time.

Janette Ukamaka Oko is a socio-political analyst. She writes from Agbani, Enugu Nigeria


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