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Stainless Nwodo
Stainless Nwodo

My good people of Igbo-Etiti/Uzo-Uwani Federal Constituency, I, Hon. Stainless Nwodo has seen and observed with dismay, the recent social media blackmail on my person, your Rep Member-elect. I wish to use this medium to once again thank you for the confidence reposed on me to represent and serve you at the green chamber of the National Assembly. I want to assure you that I am not perturbed by their crocodile tears, but rather occupied with how best to give you quality representation as you have never experienced before.

The youths, women and good people of Igbo-Etiti/Uzo-Uwani Federal Constituency have made their choice and I will stop at nothing to reciprocate their kind gesture through grassroots engagement and fulfilment of my campaign promises which is sacrosanct.

I therefore urge all and sundry to remain calm and focused as our God’s given mandate shall not be scuttled by evil men maka na ihe chi dere! Odego ya!

As for the proclamation that my only qualifications was being a servant boy to the Nwodos, Rt. Hon Eugene Odo and others, I wish to thank God for the opportunity to serve them and be mentored. It’s still in line with the renowned Igbo apprentice system that is being studied today by Harvard University which have produced more millionaires than the Nigerian University system. I wish to also give thanks to my mother of the blessed memory (Mrs Florence Giginne Nwodo) who taught me the virtues of service. May her beautiful soul Rest In Peace. As a matter of fact, my life have been a life of service. I recall with nostalgia when I was helping my dear mother to sell pepper and even palm kernel, I usually assist prospective buyers to load their goods to the admiration of others. Even as a bus driver, I have also served the masses and it’s in the process that I got the contact through which I went to Germany. Upon my return, as an entrepreneur, I established one of the best private school in Enugu, provided employments, established real estate business and other businesses through which a lot of youths benefited from our Cars/ Keke high purchase empowerment scheme. Though many were unable to pay back yet I derived my satisfaction from seeing them prosper. If I can do this this when I had nothing, imagine what awaits my people with the responsibility they have given me. The word of God in Mathew 20 vs 26 specifically said that “who ever wants to be a leader must be a servant”.

As a fair and just leader, I support people going to the tribunal to express their grievances and pursue their mandate, if there is any. But not to the extent of tyrannically terminating people’s jobs and leaving their innocent families to suffer in this era of joblessness. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.

I was accused of winning through the obidient movement, I was also accused of being a mole for Marthins Oke, dejected by some of my party faithfuls. Today, we are all witnesses to the fact that some PDP contestants won their respective posts simply because of this antecedents and track records. Unfortunately, those who claimed to be high and mighty in qualifications yet did nothing for the good people of Igbo-Etiti/Uzo-Uwani Federal Constituency for the past Eight years were summarily rejected at the polls. My hands are still open to work with them to move our Constituency and Enugu State forward. With God all things are POssible.

In the forthcoming years, the good people of our constituency shall dance to the alter in thanksgiving for the choice they have made in me. let me at this juncture, affirm that just like my principal, H.E Peter Obi, I bear no grudges and held all and sundry at a very high esteem irrespective of their political affiliations.

I will encourage the youths of Uzo-Uwani/ Igbo Etiti Constituency to serve in any capacity whenever the need arises, maka n’onye fee Eze, Eze Eruo ya Aka.

Conclusively, let’s be rest assured that we are on top of the situation and to the glory of God, we are here to serve you better. Who God has blessed, no man can cause.

Long live the People of Igbo-Etiti Local Governments Area

Long Live the people of Uzo-Uwani Local Governments Area

Long Live Enugu State

And Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Hon. Stainless Nwodo

Rep Elect, Igbo-Etiti/ Uzo-Uwani Federal Constituency


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