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Nollywood actor Charles Inojie has voiced his concerns regarding the growing influx of newcomers entering the Nollywood film industry.

In an interview on the Honest Bunch Podcast, Inojie expressed his dismay at the rising number of aspiring actresses who appear to view the industry primarily as a platform to promote their “other” business ventures.

In his candid remarks, Inojie labeled these newcomers as “daughters of Jezebel” and criticized their apparent pursuit of Nollywood directors and producers for personal gains.

He asserted that these individuals seem to lack a genuine passion for acting and are instead eager to secure roles in front of the camera, often resorting to paying movie producers for such opportunities, all in an effort to bolster their status in Nollywood and further their unrelated businesses.

“Those set of people who pay movie producers to star in a movie, are only chasing after title. They just want to hold onto it as a side hustle, as many of them are into businesses. They just need a tag to Nollywood.

“It came into a time in the industry when there was an influx, it was as if Devil opened gate for angels to come in. And these people aren’t looking to build a career, they just want something to hold and say they are actresses to further their business.


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