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A former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Uche Onyeagocha has said that the Nigeria government has no respect for dialogue or any form of round table discussion.

According to a video posted on X (formerly known as twitter) bu Omoyele Sowore, Hon. Onyeagocha who was addressing a gathering said the only thing Nigeria government respects is resistance while recalling what Ken Sarowiwa went through and how militant leader, Ateke Tom was brought to the negotiation table by former president Umaru Musa Yaradua.

“…throughout, Ken Saro Wiwa argued for non violence, Nigeria has no respect for people who argue for non violence, they simply hung him.

“After the death of Ken, i became lawyer to Ateke Tom- militant leader, you shoot him he will shoot you back and at the end of the day, when Yaradua wanted to negotiate with him, they sent a presidential jet.

“The only thing Nigeria respects today, is militancy, capacity to defend and mobilize yourself, any other thing is waste of time.”

Continuing, the former Secretary to the Government of Imo state while admitting that Nigerians are hungry and angry, said they’re not sufficiently angry.

“…they will soon get sufficiently angry but I’m saying that before they get sufficiently angry, the judges that are manipulating the judicial process are doing what they should do, that’s what they know to do; the politicians that are rigging election are doing what they should do, that’s what they understand to do; the INEC officials who are collaborating, people like Prof and the likes of them are doing what they should. The only people who are not doing what they should do is the suffering masses, who are victims.”

He further told the masses that they will never get justice from any arm of government advised them that the only way they can get justice “is by their organisation and capacity and courage to resist by every means necessary. It’s not a moral question and protesting on the street so they drag you away won’t work.”



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