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Habeeb Okikiola, nicknamed Portable, a controversial street-pop singer, and his wife, Omobewaji, have lately made headlines because their relationship appears to be strained.

Days after Portable criticized Bewaji for calling herself a queen while celebrating her birthday, the couple is back on social media as their relationship worsens.

Portable’s remarks on Bewaji’s persona, blasting her for claiming she doesn’t want to have his children again and repeatedly threatening to leave him, have gone viral.

A series of comments on Bewaji’s post labeled his previous wife as ungrateful for failing to appreciate him for everything he does for her.

Portable triads of insults were sent in response to Bewaji’s message, with the observation that humans rapidly forget the generosity one does them.

She also noted that people only appreciate you when they can use you. Portable responded to this, tagging Bewaji as a lazy woman who has resigned herself to just living on his own hard work and wealth.


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