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A new disturbing and abominable story is emerging in Africa.  This illicit business is triggered by the abnormal demand of children part in this part of Africa.
This ugly incident is happening in Cameroon. The choice of Cameroon  can’t be unconnected to the near civil war situation that has erupted in the country since last year.

Investigation revealed that these dismemberedchildren are sold of in the nebuoring countries of Gabon and Malabo. Investigation further revealed that soldiers fighting in the either side of the divide in the ungoing civil unrest aid in the kidnap of these kids which are then handed over to a syndicate known as “The Keepers”.

Rumours has it that the people in the forefront of this devilish business in the two countries of Gabon and Malabo are politician. There’s an unconfirmed report that says that the value of these children depends on their melanin configuration viz-a-viz the colour of their skin. While a Coloured skin is found to be of greater value in Malabo, the opposite can be said about Gabon.

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AU should rise up and investigate what is really going on and proffer a lasting solution to this ugly trend

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