The real reason former IG of Police talked about former president Jonathan emerges

Just weeks after talking extensively on what transpired after the 2015 ELECTION, the former police chief Suleiman Abba has declared his political intention.

Mr Abba will has picked up the nomination form of the ruling All progressive Congress to contest for the senate.

Shortly after picking the form to represent Jigawa Central in the red chamber, Mr Suleiman said he’s going to the national Assembly to bring quality representation for his people and contribute immensely to building the Nation.

When asked about his thought on the creation of state police, the former police boss said those advocating for that are talking nonsense.

“I have a feeling and I don’t hide it that some people are looking for an opportunity to compound the security challenges of this country. I have nothing against state police like I said, having recommended it far back even when it was not a serious issue in this country. It looks like some people are looking for what they can use to compound the security situation in this country. Maybe we can continue to fine tune it, but I am not sure this is the right time.

“While I was at NIPSS in 2009, I was assigned to conduct research on discipline in the Nigerian police, during the period, and looking at the performance of the police based on the research, I realized that there was the need to take another look at the structure of the police. In that research which is there for anybody to refer to, I recommended local government police. So, you can see that I have nothing against state police. I have had the opportunity of serving in all geopolitical zones of the country and have a fair knowledge of the country.

“From what we see state governments passing through with the payment of salaries and pensions as well as taking care of qualitative education for our children; considering the fact that policing is a very expensive business; you need to for instance factor the cost of a helmet for the police, the protective jacket and other very expensive gadgets. Gadgets for monitoring are very expensive and if the states cannot pay salaries and take care of other socio-economic aspects of the people, why are they looking forward to shouldering this responsibility?”, he queried.

IGP Idris should honour Senate Summons

On the refusal of the current IGP to appear before the Senate when invited, Abba said: “I will advise the IGP to respond to summons by the National Assembly. I don’t think that in any situation, there is a better person to defend you than your self. Of course we have lawyers who represent the interest of their clients. But my personal belief is that your personal defense is always better. As IGP, I always appeared before the senate when they needed me even at a time when everybody thought differently, I appeared before a committee of the senate to make a clear presentation.”

According to the Punch, Abba picked his nomination and expression of interest forms at the National Secretariat of the APC in Abuja, on Monday.