Kaduna Violence takes new dimension as more people are killed

Gunmen have killed three unidentified people in Kaduna despite the 24-hour curfew imposed on the state by the government.

The victims were reportedly killed in Narayi area of the state.

Over 40 were killed in the state after violence broke out in some parts of the state’s metropolis on Sunday.

Buildings and cars were also burnt.

Speaking with journalists on Monday, Emmanuel Godwin, a youth leader, said the gunmen pretended to be members of a vigilante group.

“They came at about 2:00am in a Hilux van and the claimed they were vigilante members from Barnawa,” Godwin said.

“We told them that Narayi is not their jurisdiction and they have no business coming to our community since we have our own vigilante group.

“As they were driving away, they picked three of boys as if they were arresting them. Shortly after they left with the boys, they shot them and dumped the corpses by the roadside.”

The youth have taken it upon themselves to protect their various communities.

“We cannot surrender the security of our area to security agents because of our experience where fake security personnel go about killing people or some of the security personnel become partisan,” one of the youth told journalists.

“What we are doing is complimenting the security agencies.”