By not listening to some of us who has been deeply sympathetic to the struggle, what IPOB leaders seems not to understand is that by insisting on election boycott, they have cast their bread on the sea. They cannot eat it and still have it back. The long anticipation referendum is, the fight for who really control Igbo people has been finally officially declared.

IPOB should not use force or intimidation to force or frighten our people to stay at.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader has called on Ndi Igbo to stay at home come February16th, and not vote.

Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, Church leaders and our political leaders has called on Ndi to step forth and vote.

The sheep always hear the voice of her master. All,these abuse and counter abuse going on on social media is of no use. February 16th, is just few days away. IPOB should intensify their campaign strongly and they must, as usual, do it in a peaceful day. At least, through our ever vibrant Radio Biafra London IPOB have a very powerful instrument to accomplish this. While those oppose to election boycott must equally intensify their campaign too.

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If there’s a massive turn out for the election in Igbo land, IPOB leaders must humble themselves and step forth to accept that politically, they have lost the leadership and trust of Ndi Igbo and surrender leadership to a set of people that will learn to read the mood of our people and obey their voice.
If on the other hand, the election boycott is successful, Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, our religious and political leaders should humble themselves and officially handover our political leadership to IPOB.

The result must be determined through the final voters turn out released by INEC not by pictures snapped, showing empty polling units because such pictures can be snapped when people have not turned up or has gone home after voting.

That’s why I said that unknown to the IPOB leaders, this election boycott campaign is actually a mini referendum.
They shouldn’t complain of the election results being influenced or incredible, because if they don’t have enough political influence in Igbo land to prevent that from happening, that means they won’t equally have political influence to stop the Referendum being influenced when it’s done. All because they lack the political experience to so do.

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There’s no need to start abusing each other as I wish each camp the best


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