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During the President’s election campaign in 2015, he vowed to fight corruption and insecurity if elected. Since his election in April 2015, anti-graft war remains one of his topmost priority.

In 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari in a town hall meeting with Nigerians living in Addis Ababa Ethiopia identified Nigerian judiciary as a major cog in the wheel of his anti-corruption crusade.
Before Mr. President`s statement, it`s a common knowledge that there is a lot of buying and selling in the Judicial circle, but who was bold enough to “bell the cat”?

This is where Mr. Dennis Aghanya comes in.
Mr. Dennis Aghanya who hails from Amawbia town in Anambra state is the Executive Secretary of the Anti-Corruption and Research Based Data Initiatve (ARDI), a civil society organisation that was behind the petition to the Code Of Conduct Bureau (CCB) over non-declaration of assets by the convicted CJN.

Mr. Dennis Aghanya

He was President Buhari`s aide/ Media Spokesperson between 2009-2011.
A founding member, as well as the pioneer National Publicity Secretary of the defunct CPC.

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Aside being the founder of The Buhari Organisation (TBO) in the South East and South South, he is PMB`s oldest committed and trusted ally from the Southeast.

For Mr. President`s anti graft war to be rooted, he needs such fearless and purposeful anti-corruption activist/crusader in his next cabinet or rather should head one of most sensitive Parastatal.
Such committed citizens should not be left untapped from their wealth of experience and knowledge.

Even though the United states, UK and other countries are fully committed and have endorsed the anti-graft war, we seriously need proactive thinkers like Mr. Aghanya who have shown capacity, technical and investigative knowledge to head one of the ministries.

Mr. president, he is committed, he is fearless, he has shown capacity…
You need him, you need Dennis Mr. President.



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