Igbo land is burning, over the request by Fulani herdsmen who go by name, Miyetti Allah request to form a joint vigilante with Igbos, across Igbo land.

My people felt insulted, my people are angry and our so called governors did not help matters, when they failed there and then to caution and tell them off, over such insult.

But, l see things differently, l see it as a positive development, l am happy that the request was made. We are in a Unitarian one Nigeria, as a result, any Nigerian can be part of the security system in any part of Nigeria. This will help entrench our unity as one people, bonded together with one love, with unity and progress as our goal.

You see why l bought this wonderful idea proposed by our fulani brothers?

First, by these wonderful proposal, our Fulani cousins has admitted the urgent need for the bill for community police to be passed. Without approval for community police, there’s no way we can set joint community vigilante in Igbo land. So, our Fulani brothers should advise their uncle Bubu to quickly look into the community police proposal before him and sign it into law.

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Secondly, the Miyetti Allah request is a direct acceptance that surrounding Igbo land with army and police is not working. What we need is community vigilante. So, their uncle Bubu should order the army off the streets of Igbo land. In spite of their presences and police roads blocks every 100 meters, Miyetti Allah still feel insecure in Igbo land. Since we have accepted this joint patrol all the road blocks should be off.

Since Miyetti Allah made this proposal out of their sincere intention to protect their business and secure their lives in Igboland. Remember, we are one country and every citizen as a result, can be part of the security system in any part of the nation.
In the spirit of that oneness, unity and love we share together, you can bear me witness that there are insecurity in Zamfara, Taraba, Sokoto, Kaduna, Kano, Adamawa, Osun, Ekitti, Lagos, Abuja etc.


As a matter of fact, the state of insecurity in some of those states are worst than that of Igbo land. And, it is an open secret that we have more Igbos in those areas than Fulanis in Igbo land. These my Igbo brothers their businesses and lives are equally at risk and need to be secured.

So, still working in the same spirit of unity and love that bounds us together in love, I propose therefore, that Igbos should form local vigilante with the local people in every part of Nigeria that they’re, where like the Miyetti Allah, their businesses are being threatened. What is good for the falcon is equally good for the falconer.

Don’t mind those Igbo people that are insinuating that this joint community vigilante patrol is a design to take over our land. Proof them wrong and show sincerity by accepting our demand too, that in the spirit of fairness, Igbos in Kano, Kaduna, Zamafara, Adamawa, Lagos, Oyo, Sokoto etc, should equally form vigilante groups to help secure their lives and properties.
If the Miyetti Allah vigilante in Igbo will carry cutlass, let the Igbo vigilante groups in the north carry cutlass. If they’re going to be carrying AK47, let the Igbo vigilante groups in north carry AK47. If the Miyetti Allah will be above the law, go around with their AK47 unchallenged, in the spirit of unity as one nation of equal right, let such privilege be equally extend to the Igbo vigilante groups in the north.

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Show sincerity in your demand by accepting this proposal. You see, am on your side, don’t put me to shame by refusing this offer. Because it will look suspicious that you want to police us, you don’t want us to police you.

So, let Buhari sign the community police request into law, so that, as you have admitted the failure of the army and police, then we started policing each other.


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