By Abdul Mahmud

The moles within. 2023. The revelation. Individuals named here are hereby put on notice: sue if you’ve been libelled.

The HoReps PDP minority leadership crisis has its roots in the presidential politics of 2019 and the personal ambitions of governors and politicians of the SE, who principally are the brains behind it, while working in cahoots with APC.

Step forward Ekweremadu, Govs Ugwuanyi, Umahi, Ihedioha, Okowa and Obiano. Each is bitter that Atiku didn’t consult them before picking Obi as his VP candidate.

Let’s profile them

Ekweremadu was particularly irked that he was overlooked in the run up to the 2019 poll. He (and Ugwuanyi ) actively undermined his party in Enugu state, and ensured Atiku didn’t have a sweep in his home-state.

When the Senate leadership poll came up, he entered an alliance with Lawan, hoping the later would deliver APC votes to him against Omo-Agege. He didn’t discuss with his party, nor did his party put his name forward. He was assured of the strength of the alliance. He lost.

PDP Senators even voted against him. Bitter, he tapped his boy, Toby Okechukwu, to rebel against his party in the minority leadership race. The conspiracy began, supported by the APC. To what end? To stop the repeat of the active opposition Saraki/Dogara presented.

Enter Ugwuanyi. The Great Oracle has consistently tweeted about this character: a mole inside PDP. He actively ensured that Atiku’s votes were slashed in Enugu state, believing that PMB will keep the promise to make him the Igbo presidential candidate in 2023.

He went to work, undermining the chances of his party’s presidential candidate in 2019. Wait for it. To show he’s fully sold on to PMB, he has surreptitiously accepted that Ruga be planted in Enugu state. He’s that desperate to be in PMB’s good book!


Umahi is what an Igbo governor shouldn’t be, if you consider the Igbo greats like Okpara. He’s the lynchpin of the conspiracy inside PDP. He’s the biggest mole. PMB promised him the presidential ticket for 2023 and in his state, Atiku suffered the biggest votes bleed.

He has accepted Ruga, while putting up a pretentious public opposition. He only recently submitted the name of younger brother, PDP SE zonal chairman, for ministerial appointment. Keep an eye on that!

Ihedioha. The Great Oracle has a history with him. In 2013, the Great Oracle swore to an affidavit at the Federal High Court Abuja that Ihedioha knew something about Farouk Cap Banking. He used his frontman Jerry Alagbaoso. Ihedioha is a trader businessman; Imo is in trouble!

Ihedioha is both running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. To what end? He knows his election victory was fudged. He didn’t have the mandatory constitutional requirement to become governor of Imo state.

To be on the good side of power, he joined the conspiracy to hand over opposition leadership to Elumelu whom the EFCC has a tap on. You all know the story. If you don’t, google.

Obiano’s problem is understandable. He has a fight with Obi. Okowa is the proverbial green snake in the green grass. He’s the one fueling the minority leadership crisis to appease Tony Elumelu who wants to cut deals with this govt, using his brother as minority leader.

All of this put away, you’ll ask: what’s the issue? The issue is that traitors within the opposition are working to hand the last vestige of opposition in NASS to Buhari. It began in June, 2019.

On 20 June, PDP had a meeting with its HoReps members to discuss and nominate minority leaders. 99 members attended, where Hon Chinda (Rivers) was nominated by Rima Shawulu (Taraba) and 5 others. Toby Okechukwu (Enugu) countered and nominated Elumelu.

Considering that two names were nominated, the 99 members presented resolved that the NWC of PDP should pick one as the nominated candidate of the party. Meeting was adjourned to 1 July.

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The NWC, the Great Oracle was reliably informed, looked at the credentials of both candidates. Information on EFCC tap on Elumelu didn’t work in his favour. It settled for Chinda, who along with Boma GoodHead, Chuchu Onyeama led the opposition creditably between 2015 and 2019.

At the 1 July larger meeting of all minority parties, Chinda and other names were presented as the nominated leaders of the minority parties in the HoReps. Toby Okechukwu expressed his view that the SE should’ve been allowed to elect the Minority Leader.

He was reminded that the House Rules state Nomination and not Election. And that SE cannot have 2 minority leaders in NASS. Wole Oke said SW members had endorsed a candidate. Ossi of APGA asked that a slot be given to APGA. Issues were later resolved amicably.

Midnight of 1 July, 8 hours after the meeting ended, the conspiracy began with the SE governors, coordinated in Abuja by Ekweremadu. Dollars began exchanging hands. $5m were handed to Gbaja by Tony Elumelu to rubber stamp the outcome of the conspiracy.

Linda Ikpeazu, Pat Asadu, Wole Oke and Toby Okechukwu became the go-to -persons. $4,000 were handed out to each PDP member and members of minority parties to rubber stamp the nomination of Elumelu. An unsigned letter was written by the conspirators to Gbaja.

Who refused to read the letter from PDP affirming the decision of the 1 July meeting of all minority parties in the House. Instead, he read the unsigned letter of the conspirators.

This was why the Great Oracle stated earlier that PDP is in trouble. APC and Elumelu have used dollars to buy PDP members in the House. It cannot expel them because APC has promised to maintain their seats, using Gbaja. There’s a $100k promise to each conspiring member of PDP.

Legislative capture is at the heart of the politicking. APC learning from the Saraki/Dogara saga has taken the fight into PDP. By tapping up members with dubious records, it expects no opposition from inside PDP. The conspiracy is deep; it reaches far inside PDP and twitter.

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The Great Oracle is challenging all those named in the thread to sue for defamation. As the Great Fela used to say, the Great Oracle go open book for them; traders who pass themselves off as leaders of the people.

For doubters, the Great Oracle has in the past 3 weeks spoken to people high-up in PDP, sighted documents, SMS exchanges between some PDP governors. The step taken by APC today to present Elumelu to PMB affirms an exchange he sighted.

PDP SE governors are running with hares and hunting with hounds for nothing. Those supporters of theirs asking Igbos to run on two-parties platforms know they’re singing on these streets on behalf of these governors.

Read this and read it well: 2023 is about the Fulanis. Atiku, Tambuwal and Kwakwanso will square it on PDP platform; and Elruffy and Badaru will go head-to-head in APC. SE Governors know this, so they’re positioning themselves for VP. How about BAT? Who is he?


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