Happy International women day to each and everyone of you out there.

My mother was the first woman figure I know and through her, I understand that womanhood is a great treasure to mankind. From my mother I learnt that women are loving, tolerant, enduring, humane, filled with fortitude, compassionate, caring, hardworking, family builders and great moulders of character.

I owe my mother a whole lot of thanks for the man I am today. She never spared me when it was time to show discipline. As a child she practically made me an offering to God, dedicating me completely to the things of God and service to the church. She never failed to teach me the wisdom in little things and through her guidance, I have evolved to the man I am today. Yet, even at this age, she is still unrelenting in scolding me whenever she feels I’m straying.

Then i grew up with my sisters. 4 of them older than myself and 2 younger. From them I discovered how tender and loving these creatures of God can be. Practically they made me feel like a “fresh Prince” growing up.


Then growing up to the man I am today, I’ve had the opportunity of meeting different kinds of women, as friends, class mates, dates, neighbours, colleagues and others.

One thing is certain, womanhood is a treasure, a great one. Life would be incomplete without them. Truly, the presence of women in our lives is a reflection of the wisdom of God.

Lastly but not the least, in the course of my life I met a black little princess. Angelic, peaceful, alluring, elegant, humane and ofcourse, a treasure. She turned out to be my lover, my wife and my best friend. It is her continuous confidence and faith in me that has become my greatest resource and inspiration.

In all, I celebrate women today for being a great blessing to humanity. May God bless and keep all of you.

I enjoin everyone to be part of women struggle for equality, equity, justice and fairness.


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