Planning is not immunity against failure, knowing that certain things are outside human abilities and capabilities but among other things, proper planning can equip one to see stars in and within the bars thereby reducing certain cost and consequences to barest minimum.

The assertion that those who fail to plan, plan to fail captures my psychology of Covid-19 pandemic from inception till date – and the dawn of each day confirms my fears but lays much credence to my hope – an audacious hope with the propensity to turning problems into prominence factors as it is only the challenge(s) one overcomes that can make one a champion. And to be a star, one must gather momentum having along with it good shock absorbers. It pays to prepare for the worst.

More than a catalyst, Covid-19 has quickened a lot of things – the good, the bad and the ugly, bringing to the fore, to the earnest seekers, the salient powers of self re-evaluation needed for self rediscovery, self-realization for risk taking and self-actualization and fulfillment.

Certain things that were thought to be impossible were possibilized courtesy of Corona virus. Yes, a lot of dogmas were challenged with many false assumptions and half truths tested. It is like a turning point with a total turn around for good, bad and ugly to some people but depending on one’s school of thought, belief, class and status. Everyone is involved. Yes, those who are not infected are affected directly or indirectly.

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The psychology of Covid-19 will take time to deal with and the associated psychological paralysis, emotional emptiness and unexpected effects will last longer than anticipated. People, nations and indeed the world cannot wish it away… It put a very big question mark on world politics in particular and humanity in general. The world view was challenged and radically distorted. The real essence of life was redefined likewise the act of living and the things held dear therein. More like a leveler, status symbol, class difference and ideological belief were challenged and made of no effect as fear, absolute fear gripped people regardless of age, sex, religion and race – everyone has only one desire – the desire to live, confirming the age long belief that the greatest fear of man is the fear of death yet we live to die. Without our consent and approval, every passing second takes us closer to the grave – the place of aloneness and loneliness!

Being a trying moment and a very tough one at that, the responsibility and irresponsible, the responsiveness and irresponsiveness albeit unresponsiveness of those in position of authority became too prominent for everyone to see and make informed judgment. True leaders displayed the stuff they have while the rulers showcased their real traits, leaving no one in doubt. While some tirelessly talked and worked with the sole purpose of giving hope in the face of hopelessness even with placebos for psychological wellbeing, some maintained grave silence that worsen the pains of death. Anyway, every man gives what he has in abundance.

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The science world was taken unaware and unprepared, leaving the window of guess work wide open – and claimants (real and fake) jumped in from every direction, claiming to have cure even without knowing what they are talking about. It is ludicrous that some people who are claiming to have cure for Covid-19 don’t know what a virus or even microorganism and pathogen is! In frenzy of idiocy but out of the desire to make quick money, some people went as far as negotiating for contract manufacturing of one or more of the molecules purportedly believed, in some quarters, to cure Corona virus infection without clinical trial and scientific backing, thereby putting our value system and the things we hold dear into question. The mad rush to make quick money from the pandemic created some chaos that sent some people to early grave and put some businesses to extinction.

The world has not been hit by anything as hard as Corona virus in the recent past. With an estimated loss of some trillions of US dollars, the associated pains would last longer than expected. Regrettably, hopelessly and helplessly, more people will suffer beyond measures and thereafter starve to death. The stage is already set – and the copy cats will have themselves to blame!


On a bended broken kneels, the world shed tears from eyes of fire stained with blood that refused to clot, having seen the hopelessness of humanity and bragged super powers… Take heart, my beloved as we nurse our pains and count our losses for however one looks at it, we are all involved in one way or the other. Yes, those who are not infected are somewhat, somehow, affected! Therefore, rejoice and be glad for the gift of life. In the final analysis, we survived by His grace not by our might and precautions.


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