A professor of History and International Relations in University of Ibadan , Prof. Alexander Adebisi  has disclosed  that the former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is sponsoring the on-going #EndSars protests going on in the Southern states of the country.

Adebisi made this known during an online interview on  Saturday with thisnigerianow . According to the the Professor, ” the former Governor of Lagos and self acclaimed Leader of the All Progressives Congress was sponsoring the protest in order to cripple the country and discredit the administration of President Buhari internationally.  This is the same strategy they used against former president Jonathan.  Recall that they promoted the bring back our girls to the point that it got international sympathy.  The only Challenge Tinubu is facing now is that he is yet to get the Northern youths to join the protest the same way the North got the Southerners to join the protest against Jonathan.”

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The university Professor further revealed that it was clear to Mr.Tinubu that his 2023 Presidential ambition has met a brick wall following confirmation the North doesn’t trust him. This has resulted to his  sponsorship of protests to taint President Buhari’s image .

Prof. Adebisi wondered why the Lekki Toll gate which is reportedly owned by Mr. Tinubu has been shut down and converted to a protest ground despite the losses that have been incurred. Recently , the Lagos State Governor addressed the protesters  at the Lekki Toll Gate and at the House of Assembly and even carried a placard and marched with the youths.

His words” Speaking on the ongoing protest , it is a grand plan by  Bola Tinubu to achieve his 2023 ambition by creating unrest in the country which will further cast hatred on President Buhari.

“Tinubu’s plan can be described as spoilers since he can’t get the 2023 Presidential ticket under the APC. I want Nigerians and particularly the youths to be aware of Tinubu’s plans to distablise the country and rubbish President Buhari’s achievements. He also intends to use this protest as tool to fest uprising in the country inorder to divert attention from the issues that might puncture is 2023 Presidential bid.

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“I  urge the protesters to be guided so as  not to let those people with their own political  agenda take advantage of their right demands .” The University Don said.

Prof. Adebisi also cited the gesture by chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and protege of Bola Tinubu, Mr. Musiliu Akinsanya known as “MC Oluomo”, who also declared support for the protesters and even sent a van believed to have been to deliver water and drinks to protesters. The protesters however according to reports rejected the van.

Recall that recently, Tinubu has been fingered in the diversion of N22.4bn, $4.4m From Alpha Beta ( A consulting firm) To Vintage Press, Oando, Purchased Shares In Wema, Starcomms, HITV, Others

It was also alleged that the company was being used for “massive corruption purposes including tax evasion, bribery of government officials, diversion of funds” and money laundering.


  1. That’s the Proffeesor,s opinion and it may be true

    But to me If it is claimed that Buhari has achieved something for the Country, the achievement is zero if nothing is done to the insecurity in the Country

    If people are being killed by the Boko boys and other blood tasty sects as it is now who are the people to enjoy his achievements?

    Anything that has a beginning must have an end

    Nigerians are suffering

      • Professor my foot!!!

        A Professor that was paid to smash Tinubu’s name, is that one a Professor?? So, it’s Tinubu that asked SARS to be killing people unjustly?? It’s Tinubu that increased the fuel price and electricity tarrif??

        I can’t imagine the kind of Professors we are producing in this country. His likes are the ones that are ringing election….

  2. A very stupid professor. That’s Yoruba for you, they will spoil their fellow Yoruba image because of Hausa Fulani. Useless professor has never commented on bad governance from pmb. Worrying of pathological hatred for tinubu.

  3. One question, is Buhari creditable? What is there to discredit? If buhari and his apc govt was doing a good job, would there habe been something to protest against? If tinubu paid for the protest, did his money get nationwide for all youths to have joined? I do not understand how such minds as yours are brought into relevance.

  4. Prof. Adebisi, I wondered why a person of your caliber would allow yourself to be used to discredit Bola Tinubu. I’ve never set my eyes on this man but he qualifies as a Nigerian to vie and govern this country come 2023. It is no secret that he helped brought PMB to power, so why character assassination to bring enemity between him and his benefactor when the time is getting near. At the end the Yoruba will cry foul that the North is retaining power when people like you offered yourself to play the spoiler. Yoruba Ronu. Another Kanu of Abacha regime.

  5. Mr Professor, definitely you’re not with the people, it will never be well with you. Idiot of a fool. Education is not a function of well being.

  6. This is a perfected plot to set the APC led govt against itself. This protest started soontaneiysly against the notorious SARS. It has been hijacked by opposition bank rollers. The earlier the retreat, the better. The govt at various levels should be allowed to address all the points adopted from the protesters’ demands

  7. Professor sir. What has Buhari administration achieved? It would have been interesting if you mentioned a few. You said the protest is sponsored by Tinubu and you also contradict yourself by urging and guiding the protesters not to be distracted from their RIGHTFUL DEMAND by Tinubu( people with political agenda) Enu won l’ofa, enu won l’oje. What exactly do you want sir? As professor as you are you can be appointed to head a sensitive federal establishment. Yoruba ronu o.

  8. The Yoruba has come again. This bierebe banzar if a professor is flying the destroyers kite and he ll crash before taakeoff

  9. Even if he bankrolls the protest, he is a tool at hand to achieve our long awaited objective. We know he is part of the decadence, but he could be our tool now. Omo iná là n ràn síná.

  10. This man is a coward but i don’t trust Bola Tinubu he also has his plan too , i wonder why lekki toll gate is still block yet he didn’t say anything to that .there must be a reason

  11. APC sent him.
    He’s indirectly campaigning for Tinubu. Don’t worry Professor ‘soro soke’ we will soon have time for you, your Tinubu, PDP and other old thieves in this country. We won’t be distracted by this. And incase you don’t know, we don’t need your suggestions or support.

  12. In as much as we appreciate the fact that the SARS have been committing a lot of atrocities and man handling the citizenry. Two mistakes cannot make a right,endless protests without genuine dialogue cannot take us anywhere. Is like some group are taking advantage of the issues to destabilize the country. The Police brutality has been with us for decades, let’s cast our minds back to Udi in Benue State when Obasanjo was President see the destruction but nobody protested. When you talk of bad governance , compare the 2 previous administrations and this and nobody protested why now?Please let’s talk to ourselves before is too let.

  13. It is very unfortunate that we still have this kind of professor in our system
    Obviously, his thinking capacity fall short of that of an undergraduate. Nothing concerns the #Endsars with Tinubu and his ambition.It is not an issue here atall.


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