Dr. Ben Nwoye, the caretaker Chairman of Enugu All Progressives Congress, APC has advised the youths not to allow the antics of the older politicians in the country make them to support the destruction of the country.

He gave the advice on Monday at the ‘Enugu Youth Forum Maiden Summit’ held at Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA) House.

Dr Nwoye who’s also the patron of the Youth Forum called on the youths to start getting ready for 2023 which according to him; “Starts next month when the Independent National Electoral Commission will start the continuous voter registration will. If you haven’t registered to vote, please go and register.

He enjoined them to ignore the call by agents of doom that have said that Nigeria will break up by 2023. He pointed out that the people saying these are older politicians that have nothing to lose if Nigeria goes up in flames.

He said: “The issue of whether Nigeria will remain in 2023 is not true. The people who are engineering it are people like me, they’re not youths, they are people like me who have enjoyed their life and would careless one way or another if this country collapse.

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“They make incendiary statements just to incite you to be angry. But remember that if you become angry, this anger won’t be to your own benefit.

“Those of you who witnessed the #EndSars, at the end of the day, your Busstops were burnt, people like me don’t use bustops, I have never used it in Enugu but for those who use those shades, they were destroyed. Your ATM machines where burnt and scattered, I don’t use ATM machine believe it or not I don’t have ATM card and people like me don’t have those things.

“So those people screaming that the country should end because of insecurity, my message to you today is that insecurity is a worldwide issue it is not just Nigerian issue, all of you are exposed, educated and learned people, take a look at the internet just Google it, take any city. Take London for instance, as at last year, they lost 155 human beings, 55 of them died by stabbing. Someone stabbing them to death, they didn’t ask the country to fold, they didn’t say let us redo Great Britain, they took it as one of those social Vices and try to avoid them.


“We should expect bad people to do bad things but we shouldn’t politicise it to the point where we say that we should allow this country, the only country we know to collapse.

“Good people will live among bad people, it’s the fact of life but we can’t allow bad things that happen around us to make us say we will now cleanse the society

“I will want everyone of you to pay attention and understand what war brings, those angling for war are like me, their children are not in this country. The rest, either their children have dual citizenship because they don’t give birth to their children here, those who go to school, they don’t send their children to the school here, they send their children to schools outside the country. War means you will have no school, war means that those of you who have finished will have no job, you have absolutely no infrastructure.”

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He charged them to use their number and effect any change they want through a legitimate democratic process.

“You are the leaders of today,you set the agenda, you move the mountain if you want to, you have the population, you vote people in and you vote them out. If you don’t like the way the government is today, let us pray to God, pay attention and hope we be alive in 2023 to vote in a better government through a legitimate democratic process.”

Dr. Nwoye also thanked the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for his effort in ensuring the security of lives and properties in the state which he said “isn’t a small height” and a pointer of his good leadership qualities.


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