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Senator Andy Uba

By Mazi Agodi KANU, Fipma

Mr Nnamdi Uba (Andy) basked in the euphoria of having scored 230,201 votes during the purported APC Primaries on June 26, 2021. My frantic presentation of facts in Anambra APC Whatsapp group earned me red card hence my sack from the platform. Today, while I proudly raise my head to laugh, the joy of unsound agents of disorderliness is permanently buried…. who bi mumu? Where are the 230,201 votes Andy Uba claimed to have amassed on 26th June during the APC primaries?

The victory of fraud, mechanized, manipulative and mendacious presentations can only be short-lived. Alas, the mighty fell like pack of cards the way Manchester United FC crumbled and wobbled against Liverpool FC on Sunday 24th October, 2021 in front of their teeming fans…. It was Five Zero.

Mr Capacity Andy Uba claimed he’s the Messiah and most popular candidate. He and his inexperienced electoral backroom staff stayed in room 251 at Golden Tulip Agulu and manufactured APC primary result with one Dapo Abiodun without primaries. The cock has finally come home to roast.

There’s a limit to every lie and madness. Andy who’s likely to score less than 50,000 votes out of fabricated 230,201 votes in primary can be likened to other damning Primaries. Andy disastrously lost even in his LGA. Ideally, 50% of alleged APC members vote would have conveniently and convincingly secured clear lead and victory for Mr Uba. Every lie has expiration date and the combined lies of Mr Uba, Mr Abiodun (Primaries Committee Chairman), Senator Eno (Primaries Committee Secretary) Mr Ejidike (State Chairman of APC) and their supporters club expired on 6th November. To these human and institutional destroyers, history will not be kind to them. Question: where are the 230,201 APC members that spiritually voted for Andy four months and eleven days ago?

Manipulation in APC is proportionally institutionalized with subterranean undercurrent. Times have changed, new mindset have taken over and voters are increasingly getting informed and conscious. You can tell a blind man that there’s no meat in the soup but certainly not that there’s no salt in the soup.

Andy aided by entities from IMO and Ogun raped internal democratic process of APC in Anambra State with reckless abandon. They threw caution and simple wisdom to the wind by cooking up figures. It exposed the daft infested bunch his Team was made of. A good secondary school student would have consulted for them on apportionment of figures using ratios, mean and median models. They displayed crass ignorance and unintelligent permutation. The death, destruction and defeat of Andy, APC and wicked like-minded beings was sealed on June 26, 2021 less than five months before November 6. That day, APC lost the little glory it managed to grab. That day, APC danced to the music of *surugede* without knowing that surugede is the song of the spirits. That day innocent souls of party faithfuls were trampled upon and buried. The Arise Television debate which was the only live debate I can recall Mr Andy appeared on and which I still blamed his handlers for allowing him attend was his own albatross. He shot himself on his testicles and technically committed political suicide. He wandered in wilderness like Uncle Sam Dede in Igodo film and Osuofia in London. He lost touch, bearing and contact like an ill-fated aircraft that lost communication with the control tower. Like the Aircraft and like Andy, they both crashed and rescue operation as usual in our nation was nonexistent.

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There are lessons to learn. Can the party learn the dire lessons? There are rewards, yes, natural reward for every act of orchestrated wickedness. The greedy and incurable overzealousness of Ejidike led APC Executives in Anambra APC which initially announced that there was no Primaries and shortly afterwards recanted and countered themselves thereby committing political genocide. Apart from the State Publicity Secretary Arc Okelo who was unwavering and professional others must bury their faces in shame save for their maybe, just maybe sudden inflated bank accounts.

Chief Dr George Moghalu’s suit can now be seen to be well placed and incredibly justified in all its ramifications. Governor Buni, his Primary Election Committee, his stage managed Appeal Panel and co travellers must bury their faces in shame like the popular music, if you no get money hide your face…. Buni ignored the early INEC report which unequivocally stated that there was no Primaries in Anambra State. Yet, they blindly proceeded to field Andy Uba. Dr Moghalu you’ve fought like a trojan, you have convinced your followers that you are not a sellout and you are indeed a true example of genuine party man committed to excellence and deepening of democracy. At the risk of your appointment as the NIWA Managing Director, you vigorously pursued your case in Court of Law for justice not just for yourself but our dear Nation. Perhaps unknown to you, the attempts by unfamiliar spirits to remove you from office because you are challenging them failed. The analysis and outcome of the general election vindicated you despite the unpopular letter asking the Judge handling your matter at Federal High Court Abuja not to deliver judgment on November 4th, two days to the election. While expressing my reservation on the unwise order not to deliver the judgement, I thank God that the judgement didn’t come that day after all. This APC woeful performance and undisputed goal against APC in Anambra would have been aptly described by late ace sport commentator, Ernest Okonkwo as intercontinental ballastic missile….and they would have blamed the failure either way on the court judgement.

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It’s easy, very easy to get things right if we want but the right and principled people cannot be allowed to be part of Congresses and Primaries. Gladiators choose their stooge as Committee members. The choosers brief and direct proceedings with “good reward package” and send the manipulated beings to do hatchet jobs. When you have alleluia boys like SDM would say, the result won’t be different. In 2018 APC Primaries in Kwara State, I served as Secretary of that Committee. There were pressures immediately after compilation to change some results but we stood our ground. The pressures were normal but we refused to compromise. Surely, if we had compromised, the name of the current governor would have changed.The primaries were free, fair and was the most hectic Primary because all elective positions were conducted within 36 hours creditably just to beat INEC deadline. There was no acrimony or litigation thereafter because everyone was satisfied as we were unarguably transparent except those that were unjustifiably and questionably disqualified on the election day from National Secretariat. The current governor, Abdulrasaq Abdullahi, Minister for Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, H.E Niyi Adebayo and other stakeholders can testify to the veracity of the above, their current political differences notwithstanding.This was even at the risk of our dear lives as Panel members. At the end of the Primaries all the aspirants jointly worked for the success of the party in 2019 election and the rest is history. That Primary was a classical example of what election should be. Why would men compromise and betray trust reposed on them? Why must Governor Abiodun not resist being used as James Hardly Chase who unfortunately described women as amusing toys which ought to be brutally used, discarded and forgotten? Where is the Excellency in Excellency that will make him to Nicodemusly concoct result and announce same at midnight without audience and media while struggling with his red capped microphone? I expect him to tender apologies to Anambra APC, APC family, the Progressives and gently resign having lost the respect and glory of his office.
Be that as it may, the shameless naked dance of APC in the market place made APC party to fumble… they lost members, they lost integrity and they lost Anambra State when they had the brightest chance to win. The leader of the party in the state, the Hon Minister of Labour and Productivity, Senator Dr Chris Ngige screamed and widely acknowledged that there was no Primaries…..infact he neither saw election material, accredited nor voted. In spite of this, like the fly that is already destined to perish by joining corpse to the grave, the party like Pharaoh hardened their bought over heart. Today, while our respected authentic Senator Ngige will be pleased at the loss of the interlopers, he will grim in pains because APC failed to take the best chance.

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That’s the price of manipulation. No political party that toys with internal democracy can survive. Internal democracy is the bedrock and hallmark of overall democracy. Greed, corruption and demonic ambitions ridicule Internal
Democracy and will keep denying the right candidates the opportunity of emerging as true candidates and leaders.

On the final analysis, a hearty congratulations to APGA for technically seeing and cashing in on the porous APC defence to score magnificent goals of the year on November 6, 2021. That humiliating but avoidable thrashing ultimately relegated APC to third Division till resumption of league in four years time.


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