The Abia PDP has read, yet again one of the usual unconscionable diatribes against it by the political misfit called Ncheta Omerekpe alleging that he has been schemed out of the fresh Abia PDP primary election which will be held on Saturday February 4, 2023 to elect a new candidate to replace Prof. Uche Ikonne who passed away a few days ago.

In a poorly written press release issued on behalf of Ncheta Omerekpe by one Lanre Amoo who claims to be a Professor but kept misusing English tenses, lexis and structure and ultimately calls to question the substance of the press release which in fact has no head or tail.

We are not in doubt about the quality of the message and the messenger which are mutually reinforcing variables because we know that like begets like and therefore do not expect Ncheta Omerekpe to decipher quality public communications and will ultimately not engage one of good quality. When a Prof. starts a sentence with “Ncheta Omerekpe have” instead of “Ncheta Omerekpe has” readers can only imagine the quality of the press release.

After the lesson on elementary English to Ncheta Omerekpe and his backwater Prof., the Abia PDP wants to point out that the said press release is evidently lacking in substance as Omerekpe did not convey any message apart from begging insolently that the guber ticket be ‘zoned’ to him since the PDP has already zoned the vacant guber seat to Isiala Ngwa North where he comes from and had participated in the previous exercise where according to him, he spent over N70m.

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It is curious to see the bloated and self-acclaimed billionaire whine like a pig simply because the PDP followed the provisions of the New Electoral Act and asked interested aspirants to purchase fresh Expression of Interest and Nomination forms for the exercise. One who has spent so much money building roads and other projects in Abia as he claimed should have no qualms doling out the fees for the Expression of Interest and Nomination forms if he is deep-pocketed and deeply inspired to want to be the governor of Abia State.

And to show how empty Ncheta and his handlers are, they never mentioned the provisions of the New Electoral Act on the subject-matter but kept hammering on the Constitution of the PDP which every sane Nigerian understands is subservient to the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

To further show how deeply ingrained their idiocy is, Ncheta Omerekpe is branding an individual he presumes to be a candidate to beat in the forthcoming primary election as a fraudster without any proof of conviction of the said individual by any court of competent jurisdiction – either in Nigeria or any foreign jurisdiction, and this is clearly actionable in law and justice and can land Omerekpe and his cohorts in jail if the PDP and the individual involved decide to pursue it to a conclusive end.

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During the last Abia PDP primary elections that produced late Prof. Uche Ikonne as the flag bearer of the Party, Ncheta Omerekpe presented himself alongside others for screening before the Screening Committee and had been adjudged as the worst of all that appeared before the Committee. He had no blueprint, no manifesto, no ideas and ultimately lacked direction as he lacked coordination in every sense of the word which prompted the Committee to plead with his kinsmen to help him seek psychiatric evaluation.

We were glad to know that he travelled to the United States after the primary election, possibly to seek mental evaluation and probably regenerate the dead cells of his brain and bring him back to normal life and reality but his recent engagement shows that the exercise was in futility. The best we can do as concerned Abians is to advise his kinsmen, once again to undertake another psychiatric evaluation on him, probably in India this time, as Indians are judged to have the best Psychiatric doctors in the world.

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The best description that fits Ncheta Omerekpe is the pig that fights with you and gets happy while you get dirty. The PDP does not have time to waste on distractions like Ncheta Omerekpe as it is faced with more serious challenges of conducting the fresh primary election to elect a new candidate to win the 2023 Abia guber race as well as ensuring the victory of other PDP candidates to enable us rescue Nigeria from the collapse caused by the ruling party at the centre; the APC.

Ahead of the fresh primary which will be held on Saturday February 4, 2023, we call on the delegates to ensure that they vote for the right aspirant that will fly the flag of our great party, the PDP and secure victory for us in the March 11, 2023 gubernatorial election.

We also call on members of the Abia PP and all well meaning Abians to disregard the infantile vituperation of Ncheta Omerekpe and others like him and face the serious business of the forthcoming general election.

PDP – Power to the People!


Hon. Elder Abraham Amah

Abia PDP VIce Chairman/Acting State Publicity Secretary


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