Dear Nigerian parent, before you take that decision this summer

I know I can’t talk you out of enrolling this child in another round of Maths and English classes – this summer. In fact, I know you’ve already paid Clément and Cynthia for this. But that’s OK.

Please, while you’re at it, could you also consider fun things like music classes; dance, poetry, drums and singin’? Or some local or foreign languages like; Spanish, French, German or Yorùbá? Or some vocationals like, déco, beads making, gardening or furnishing?

I need not remind you that this kid’s medulla had been stuffed with this same Math and English repeatedly for the past months. So, please, I beg that you lighten up things. Lively up.

I know as Naija parent, you’re very creative, so I won’t bore you with too many suggestions here. But if you’re willing to have me advice further, kindly ring me up (for a fee of course).

Like my reports sheets sometimes used to, if your own kid’s report sheet is somewhat of a red planet this term, rather than spanking, shaming, beating or nagging, kindly explore the ‘rod’ of love, of understanding, of encouragement and patience and and see how dramatic things improve in the coming terms. I assure you.

Lastly dear Nigerian parent, I know there’s ‘change’ in town, but try all within your power to redeem all the promises you have made towards this summer. The kid is learning great things from you as a parent – including integrity. Your word is your bond, remember?

Deliver my warmest regards to that wonderful kid.


– Oshaloto, Joseph Tade
The Uncle