[Opinion]: IS THIS WHY THEY CALL HIM “GBURUGBURU?” By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

I’ve heard it being said that the danger of not participating in politics is that you get ruled by those inferior to you. Some people excuse themselves from politics because they lack genuine understanding. What’s politics? The apologist of non-participation argues that:
1. It’s dirty
2. It’s against ‘my’ faith
3. It’s dangerous
But politics, simply put, is the summation of all segments of rule which have bearings or otherwise on your individual, family and society life and future. In other words, no matter who and/or where you are, you cannot avoid the influence of politics in your destiny. You now see why you should not look the other way when the story of your life and future (politics) is being written.

Enough said, let me narrow this down to my beloved Enugu State and, in particular, to the governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, who is fondly called ‘Gburugburu.’ Gburugburu as a word and in its simplest interpretation could mean ‘general’ or someone whose influence and reach affects all. Where Enugu is concerned, it could mean the leader whose positive influence is felt by all in the State. But is this true – even in the simplest of it? By all means no!

Some months back in the heat of the rainy season, Ibagwa road, Nsukka and particularly one street of the road, was often swallowed up by rain flood orchestrated by bad roads – including the death-trap road and gutter done by RCC (or what it’s called) around UNN which killed many people this season, the rain flood from Ugwu Sister and all the environs.

A picture of flooded Hiuse in Nsukka

The roads are damaged, the gutters blocked, so the flood of every rainfall pushes to through into these old houses of ibagwa road – most times permeating and flooding tenants’ rooms and destroying their properties.

After one of such episodes, it was said that a female politician, under the governor’s directive, requested for and collected names of tenants affected. Today, after few months had passed, the governor sent representatives who drafted new list and informed those on their list to gather at Adada hall, Nsukka.

Tenants of this Ibagwa Street gathered today as requested from morning until the dusk. But what was Gburugburu’s response to them as they cry for help from the government to repair the road and create gutters that work?

He bought few items: hoes, wheelbarrows, mats, grinders, mosquito, wrappers of clothes, red oil, groundnut oil, poorly stored white garri, beans and rice, etc., and shared amongst those who appeared in the new list.

The question I now ask gburugburu is this: to what end were these items shared supposedly amongst those terribly affected by the flood orchestrated by your negligence: to serve as road repair or perhaps as replacements for properties destroyed?

Picture of flooded compound

The many reasons for our shame and pain now come closer to home: the people have lost it in the hands of those who do not care about them, in the hands of those who have assumed themselves as gods but have refused to do even as mere concerned good men.

Election is coming again. You may be amongst those who do not believe in voting (Matthew 25) but you have to do your part: pray before the voting day, encourage people to vote, vote on that day, and leave the rest to God. You cannot be quiet and expect God to act.

Vote and pray – pray out callous and evil leaders who mask themselves with false divinity. Vote for people who will truly listen to you and not bribe their way through to their intents. Enugu State is old enough to deserve mature and godly leaders, not those parading themselves as one or buying people to think so. May God deliver Enugu State.


Ikechukwu Enyiagu writes from Nsukka