Where Is The Water? APC Asks Enugu PDP

In another of it’s usual propaganda based performance stunt, The Enugu state administration and government of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has claimed that it transmits 25,000M³ of water to Enugu metropolis and environs daily.

This is another ridiculous claim by a desperate government counting it’s days. In a purported status report by the management of the moribund and redundant Enugu state water Corporation, the government claimed the Ajali and Oji water schemes produce a combined 25,000M³ daily and we ask;
Where do they supply the water to?

We have conducted our survey and found out that except probably the Government House where we don’t currently have access to, there is no single household in Enugu metropolis that has water running from any tap. Are they pumping this water into a bottomless pit?

This is a mere gimmick designed as a response to our well-thought out programme to supply water to the state’s urban centers within the first year of our government. This is part of their routine and regular panic measure in pirating our manifesto and mouthing such programs without adequate foundation to deliver them. The irony is that a government that has been in office for four years is copying and aping the manifesto of a new government in the making as if it has just woken up from slumber.

What has been it’s guiding work plan since the last four years? There is clearly no roadmap, hence its desperation to copy whatever we say or do. Apart from an embarrassing array of billboards proclaiming some phony and non-existent virtues of the the man who had rightly been christened; The Billboard Governor, there is nothing on the ground to show for the over N1trn it had received in the past four years. How can a sitting government be copying the manifesto of an incoming government? The meaning is that we have been taken on a ride in a one-chance vehicle for the past four years, and this has obviously seen Enugu state descend into an embarrassing decay and inertia. Our people have been fooled enough, hence their defection to our party in their large numbers over the last couple of months. We salute their courage and decision to break up with an administration that has offered them nothing in four years except empty and broken promises. Restoration of water supply to Enugu is a well-thought out programme of the APC Governorship candidate in Enugu which he has been marketing since he emerged the party Flag Bearer. To come up with a half boiled story of repairing Ajalli and Oji River Water Treatment schemes does not provide answers to why Enugu metropolis has not had water in four years. The Sullivan administration had almost completed the reticulation work before it left in 2015. This work has been abandoned for no just cause. The implication is that the government will be spending another huge amount of money restarting the reticulation and water supply program. That is the prize of having a government without vision. We have paid enough of this type of prize for inaction and redundancy on the part of the outgoing government. Our people have decided to elect a government that will be proactive and responsive. We are grateful to them for making this wise decision. Our mumu don do !

Okey Ezirigwe
Ayogu Eze Campaign Organisations