Atiku Reacts to Buhari’s Denial On Being Cloned

Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar have reacted to the claim by president Muhammadu Buhari that he is not cloned.

Speaking during a Television Program on AIT, Osita Chidoka, Spokesperson of the Atiku Campaign Council said the president should be blamed for the embarrassment such rumour brought to the country.

He said lack of information to Nigerians concerning the health status of the president when he travelled abroad for medication gave room for such rumour to hold.

“The rumours about him (Buhari) being cloned; about somebody replacing him can only arise because of the absence of information.

“The more fundamental issue goes back to the issues of transparency and information to country men.

“If our President goes into hospital for a surgery or treatment, it is the right thing for Nigerians to know what is wrong with our president. How long is he expected to be away?

“Nigerians were kept out of the loop (by the presidency). It was the same thing that happened to us with President Yar’Adua. He came back to the same situation.

“Nigerians reserve the right to know the status of our president even of our presidential candidate. We saw it in the US. Mrs Clinton had an issue, she had to come out clean. Trump had to come up with his letter showing what his doctor said about his health.

“Now, we have a situation where we don’t know what was the issue? Who treated him? How much did it cost us? What was he doing in the hospital? Who paid for it? None of those information is available.

“It is a national security matter that our president was away for 100 days and we don’t have information. I think it is something that maybe the National Assembly needs to legislate about since the President has refused to use their discretion.”