Abia State Homeland Security team led by the Commisioner for Homeland Security, Prince Dan Okoli, today intercepted another group of Almajiris hidden in cattle trucks at Enugu – Abia border along the Enugu -Port Harcourt Highway.

Recall that yesterday, the state government raised alarm that there are plans to import Almajirai into the state.

Overnight, several trucks conveying food items with several almajiris hiding in them were turned back at the same border.

Meanwhile, the state Government has directed that more homeland security agents be deployed to one of the borders with Akwa Ibom State following the interception of a Dangote truck conveying almajiris alongside goods destined for Akwa Ibom State.

Watch the video below;

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  1. Useless! Can you called those Almajiris? Mere stupidity. They are cattle Meat sellers at Okigwe n some parts of Abia. I thinks Northern Parts of Nigeria should send all small hiding hailots pretend to be Ibos shop keepers more especially in Kano Sabon gari back to their South East.

    • You guys are so wicked and senseless, look at you northeners, instead of you guys to pray and ask God to deliver us from this crisis and limit the disease so that we can know whether it will end soon, you are there being stupidly jealous asking yourself “why is that there’s no cases in southeast”, and I think I have the answer, yes its because God is always with us. Why are you northeners so wicked that you could send Almijidis to affect igbos. Enough surprise for you and all you evil planners is that God will always protect igbos.

  2. Please can the force mens hold this people to know their mission, they have been giving enough chance and now they are making use of the chance giving to destroy the whole countrybin the name of supplying foodstuffs to other states in the east and west. Please let’s this people be turtured to know their mission for hiding foodstuffs. The governor’s of the states should take action cause living it for the president is wasting of time because they are his brothers and he also knows their mission for that act. It’s now a case for east and west states governor’s.


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